Is art a luxury? Jeanette Winterson gets straight to the heart of why art matters. Listen here.

Everything is biographical, Lucian Freud says. What we make, why it is made, how we draw a dog, who it is we are drawn to, why we cannot forget. Everything is collage, even genetics. There is the hidden presence of others in us, even those we have known briefly. We contain them for the rest of our lives, at every border we cross.
- Michael Ondaatje, Divisadero

Travel is the only context in which some people ever look around. If we spent half the energy looking at our own neighborhoods, we’d probably learn twice as much.
- Lucy R. Lippard, On the Beaten Track: Tourism, Art, and Place



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^^ I'm very honored and excited to be able to work with Sal Randolph, D. Graham Burnett, and Jeff Dolven - all artists that dare not sum up art and its practitioners but instead set art free by investigation, attention, and recognition.)

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